Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Murder(?) of the female child.

little child,

 i know the darkness is engulfing you..

scaring your little mind

i 'll hold your hand and guide you through your journey to your 

other side

until your merge into pure consciousness.....a promise

 i know you're the purest form of love, so nascent ...

so beautiful and flawless pearl....

fly away .. 

before you are

tarnished by the hand of devil

 before you could meet your goal...

before you could lose your innocent ignorance in earthly


 the darkness chases us now

As i utter these very words

you turn to look into my eyes 

your soul

reaching out to my mine

making me understand your fear

of our unknown predator.

speed along little one.

your times of pain will become

the ones of the past.

your future holds faith and promise

this is not a poem, this is the the harsh reality , 

about the murder of a daughter by her own mother's hands.

Each day in India, a helpless mother prepares her new born 

daughter , holding her hand to embrace the journey of death

She rather kill her child by her own hands than let her face the 

tortures of growing up as a woman in her society

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