Saturday, 16 June 2012

Story of a girl.

There once was a young girl, who lived her life like every1 else.

Like every other girl, she used to look at the mirror, dress herself up, go out with friends, did just about everything else that a person does as they grew up.

She had her scars, pencil wounds, blisters, laughs , hugs, fights and love as she grew up.
She had her make up kits, dress up games, barbie doll plays 
and the nineties cartoons (<3)

As time went on , she grew into a fine young girl who loved the way life is,
despite a million reasons she had to shun herself into a dark corner.

she laughed along when people teased her
she cried to herself when she was alone and sad,
she spoke to her best friend like every other kid when she had a problem
she was an immature little girl
But as life has it way, it bites yu wen yu least expect it.
It bit her, more than her fair share of times.
she retaliated, she fought valiantly .
she was strong.

She grew up differently, yet she looked like all of us.
She found her way in life, through constant struggles.
She grew to love her difference.
She has her friends, they would do anything for her
and she grows up every day
into a young woman :)


  1. samma samma sammma

  2. @achu : Thanks :)
    @vijay: thnks :)

  3. Yaar sir andha figure? :D

  4. Quite good except towards the end where u suddenly switch tenses, took me by surprise..

  5. yes i am quite aware tom :)
    its a definitive sign of change