Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Of Sex and Equality.

Im a Woman

A sister

A friend

A teacher

A student

I beleive i make up 50% of the

gender divide in humans

well thats saying something.

Im supposed to Be an Equal.

YU woman, Yur an equal to every man on this planet

Back in the 16th century, women had to fight for their equality , 

freedom , education

they had to ask "permission from their father or their husband" 

for anything and everything

5 centuries later, in the 21st century

we still struggle for the same.

A recent mistake unravelled to draw parallels with the same, 

some men, i repeat some men, still channel the 16th century 


it is quite unfortunate.

On the other hand, i've seen quite a lot o men who have 

respected women beyond imagination

I salute such men.

As for the rest of them, who pretend to be a woman liberalist, 

if you seek a woman, get ready to be burnt.

We do not fall At yur feet , or let ourselves become yur slaves 


we come as your equals, and thats how the world is.

For real men

I love you for your respect for women.

And love your lady and her life. 

Not just her.

For the real Woman

Independance Is the key

Love yourself. You deserve that :)