Friday, 15 June 2012

Royal Pain In the Ass

So i have this best friend who i positively hate the most in the world

royal pain in the ass, there is no absolute other way to describe that asshole

(my blog, so i get to cuss as much as i wanna
and my frnd, i get to scold as much as i wanna)

My world was a happy place before the character entered my life some one and some odd months back.

how can we possibly fight seven days a week
the lil white flag is black with soot,being shot down soo many damn times

so i cut it off with the idiot, for a whole month
believe me , i missed the fights.

The same wise frnd told me once " We cannot be without fighting"
yes i love accusing yu
and no i never understand you ever, according to u, but think
do i not understand u, or do i act like i dont?
no i dont give a shit if yu dont get it.
screw yourself over
but yur still my best frnd, and i love you, and my world is a happier place.

i remember the words you told me "ill be the first person to hate you, and to love you in this world"

so shut the fuck up and stop making a fuss already.
get back to business.


  1. It seems both the characters mentioned in the blog are very interesting. Especially that asshole.

    1. ah yes, interesting person he is. if oly yu knew him

    2. both the characters meant for you and that asshole. (I think i know that asshole)

    3. I don't know whether we know each other or not. But my life is also the same, as the "asshole" you have mentioned. And if so, believe me that asshole meant what he said, "ill be the first person to hate you, and to love you in this world"
      By the way, you have got a very good writing skills. Keep it up. Just consider me as your well wisher... :)

    4. ofcourse i know he meant that..
      and who ever yu are thank u:)

    5. whether you have written this on your experiences or someone else?

    6. experience or not, i still love to think i have a frnd like that :)