Friday, 22 June 2012

What is wrong in being Gay ?


 Anyone who has a problem , i say politely,

Close the damn tab or window and get lost. I do not have time for rotten tomatoes.

 I do not see anything being wrong in having your sexual orientation as gay or in being a lesbian.

 So what if a person is gay or is lesbian? its free country isn’t it??

Many a times homophobia or peoples's aversion to homosexuality is the main cause of the problem
Homosexuality has been mishandled due to the misinformation that is being passed on about the topic

Argumentatively a homosexual person can claim heterosexuality as “wrong” just like how the vice versa happens

It is not upto  us to decide what is right and what is wrong

What is right for me may not be right for you.

You may say heterosexuality is the nature, order of the universe,
the way humans have to be to reproduce, and homosexuality is purely for pleasure . . .

well kindly count the number of orphanages.
So much for being able to reproduce.

what is important is responsibility,
if a homosexual couple is willing and responsible enough (stable enough) to raise a child, they are more deserving than the scum that threw their child down the road.

Quoting someone “as long as it doesn’t harm the society, i do
 not say there is anything wrong in being gay”

 And that could be the sane argument,


 I have a problem with why the society should even have a problem!

 If Your community is too narrow minded to accept your sexual orientation, remember you need no1s approval to do what you want

And It’s all about love isn’t it ?

 If its love then you do not have anything to be ashamed of or scared of.

If you have love celebrate it, doesn’t matter if you are straight or gay or lesbian :).


  1. ohk now what led you to write dis post ? (tht wud be interesting to read)

    1. i could tell u anything, and yu wuld believe it xD

  2. Interesting :D
    Right approach I should say.